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Interested in Art Lessons?

I often get questions from new artists of all ages on the best way to get started with painting.  This is becoming more difficult.  Art is being eliminated in many public schools across the Second City because of budgeting issues. According to the Center for Online Education, it is estimated that by the end of this year, more than 25% of public high schools will have completely dismantled their art program.  The Center cites several reasons for being involved in the arts whether it be painting, sculpting, or dance.

Luckily Second City Art has formed a close relationship with MentorMe an online mentor matching service geared towards matching – for a flat fee – newly graduated university students with seasoned mentors willing to donate their time to help foster and develop newly graduated students’ careers.  MentorMe’s mission is to allow the mentees to find capable mentors and create a smooth transition from college into the real world.   So, if you are interested in learning more about art, specifically painting through art lessons, MentorMe can match you with an artist, like myself, to assist you in achieving your desires to learn more about painting.


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