Second City Art: Paint Night events for your social gatherings in Chicago

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”  – Edgar Degas

Picture this. Your Friends, your favorite beverage and an evening to express the creative side you knew you always had! Our goal at Second City Art is to give you a fun social atmosphere that will give you the confidence to pick up a paintbrush and create a memory that will be unforgettable. No prior experience needed to create a unique journey for you and your friends to release your painting capabilities.

Paint Nights are available in the greater Chicago area. Although Paint Nights have become a popular trend for entertainment. Many require you to go to their storefront instead of hosting something in the comfort of your home or venue of your liking. You can choose to paint any of our artwork from our Art page or send an image of what would help make this a great experience! All you need to do is simply schedule a desired date for your event below and someone at Second City Art will contact you shortly to create a memorable evening for you and your friends

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