Road Trips, Celtic Art and an Upcoming Event Outside of Chicago!

I’ve always been a fan of road trips! Road trips have actually inspired many of my art pieces and some of my favorite work such as a Winding Mountain Road and A Mountain Stroll. Not only do I enjoy road trips for new inspiration for my art work, but I also enjoy finding new businesses on my way to my final destination. On my latest road trip from Chicago to see some girlfriends In Pennsylvania, I discovered a unique shop called For All Things Celtic, located in New Hope Pennsylvania. Not only did I find really cool art pieces, but learned lots about Celtic History. I must have spent a good two hours talking to the staff about art. We had such a productive conversation that I will be partnering with them for an event at their store shop! For any of my site visitors who may be in the area, I encourage you to come to talk to me or the crew at For All Things Celtic about all things Celtic or my passion art.

As I have mentioned before, I love hearing from readers of my blog and sharing thought about various styles and cultures of art! Feel free to contact me to share your thoughts

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