Artist’s Statement

From a young age, I have been capturing the beauty of natural landscapes, botanicals, and portraits. At its best, my work, guided by my natural surroundings, manifest into my paintings. My art intends to provide a visual segue into an emotional and spiritual experience. I want nothing more than to spark inspiration and enhance the lives of my audience.


A painter for over forty years, Kim Thavis’ passion intensified as a Fine Arts major at Roosevelt University in Chicago.  Throughout her degree, and several years after, she specialized in pottery, while also learning the crafts of painting, sketching, and macramé.  While living in the Second City (Kim was born and lived in Chicago until age 40), she focused on botanicals.  Camera constantly at her side, she photographed the floral wonders hidden throughout the city.  These images served as her inspiration for her paintings.

After a move to Colorado, Kim’s focus, understandably, transitioned to landscapes. After eight years abroad, the creative energy of Chicago beckoned.  Offering a dynamic gallery of botanicals, landscapes, and portraits, Kim’s work truly captures the beauty and expression of the natural world.  Adding a piece from Kim Thavis to your home creates a connection with nature’s beauty and mystery.