The Importance of Teamwork

To achieve competitive advantage in the age of digital technology, collaboration and teamwork are essential to the success of any organization.   At Second City Art, we are fortunate to have a team committed to identifying and implementing best practices for collaboration.  Converging from divergent backgrounds and geographies, S.M., J.T., and C.G. have successfully implemented solutions designed to deliver Second City Art’s value proposition to the Chicago area.  The famous strategist Jay Barney of the David Eccles School of Business determines the strength of an organizations resources and capabilities through his VRIO framework:

Value…Can we utilize this resource to exploit an opportunity or defend a threat?

Rare…Do we have an asset that is rare?

Imitability…Can others imitate our capabilities?  If so, is it costly?

Organization…Are we organized to capture value?

At Second City Art, our team embodies Mr. Barney’s framework.  In a short six weeks, our team has formed a cohesive unit, completely focused on its deliverables and milestone achievement.  Along with Kim Thavis, our artist, we embody the resource-based view of a firm.  I have had the opportunity to collaborate with several individuals in my career, and trust me, none embody the spirit of teamwork more than S.M. and J.T. So, the next time you are searching for the perfect landscape or need art lessons for your child, remember, the team at Second City Art valuable, rare, tough to imitate, and well-organized to exceed your expectations.

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