Tips for Finding the Artist in You

Tips for Finding the Artist in You

 I am sure you have heard of the notion of “left-brain” dominant and “right-brain” dominant.  Most people are left-brain dominant. The left hemisphere of the brain has be shown to be logical, analytic, quantitative, rational and verbal.  The right hemisphere is conceptual, holistic, intuitive, imaginative and non-verbal.

So how do “left-brainers” become creatives?

  1. Improve your self-awareness: Take time to assess how you present yourself to to others.  How do think others view you?  Do you possess an internal or external locus of control?
  2. Are external influences bringing you down? If this is true, identify these influences and try to eliminate them.  These influences are draining your creative energy.  Quit social media if it is the source!
  3. Figure out your passion: Is there an activity you like?  Nurture it and try your best to explore that passion.  You will be surprised how this will set you at ease.
  4. Eliminate the distractions: All distractions do is serve to, once again, drain your creative energy.   Eliminating distractions will allow more time for you to focus on your art and actually allow you to enjoy a glass of wine from time to time.
  5. Eliminate the excuses: Have you been wanting to begin a painting, but you can just not seem to find the time?  Be honest with yourself.  Begin controlling your own destiny, pick up the brush and begin painting.

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